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We aren't an agency — we're a team comprised of thinkers, dreamers and doers with experience in traditional advertising, broadcast and beyond. We are passionate about creative storytelling and innovation in the digital and real-world space. There is no such thing as a boring brand or a boring story and no client or project is too small.  All creative opportunities are considered big in our books. That’s because we think beyond the usual and expected. We brainstorm with talent outside of our world to take ideas even further. We explore new technology and innovation to find unique ways to bring your story to life.

The company we keep...

Sometimes a job needs more muscle. We are surrounded by a talented network of partners we tap into for support and expertise outside our core. We keep the company of good people who can knock it out of the park.

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JACQUIE COURT / founder & content creative director

A seasoned writer, storyteller and content creator Jacquie learned her stuff through years in the advertising, marketing and public relations industry. In public school, her Grade three teacher labelled her as a "social butterfly". Who knew that would turn out to be a good thing?
Jacquie has worked to develop concepts and content for many brands including WINNERS, Canadian Tourism, Mitsubishi, Tetley Canada, Beauti-Tone Paints and Mattel. She is also the founder and host of the podcast "Wine, women & weed". Her experience in creative, research, strategy and concepts makes her a bit rare and for years she had a resume many people found both confusing and  an interesting mix. Until now… 

ANDREW YOUNG / creative associate

Andrew is an award-winning Creative Director with a strong background in graphic design and branding. As the Creative Director of design for MuchMusic, Andrew was responsible for the creative vision, inspiration and design for the brand.  Under his leadership, the look and feel of major broadcast brands such as Citytv, MuchMusic, MuchMoreMusic, Bravo Canada, The Space Network and The Comedy Network came to life. Andrew works with brands to help bring their personality to life in order to connect with audiences and create unforgettable brands.

His work includes corporate identities, television network branding, commercial advertising, motion picture titles and video storytelling. He also has an amazing British accent. 

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TONY CICERO / photographer, videographer, editor

Tony started his career in film and television production and has worked in the commercial and music video production field with world renowned ad agencies on some of the largest national campaigns. His passion for music and storytelling drew him to editing. He has produced and edited on air promos for Bravo! including station branding and design. He is an award-winning Promo Producer for Bravo! Canada (Promax)! Tony focuses on photography and video production for company branding where he demonstrates key strengths of editing and storytelling with music.  

CHRISTIAN CARTER / creative producer

As a multimedia professional who has been in the field for over a decade, Christian has managed various aspects of content creation for companies and brands, such as Fashion Television, the University of Toronto and Red Bull.

Christian loves to take on projects that spark his personal passions and hone

his creative skills.

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Don is an award-winning videographer. He has covered everything from space travel to horticulture. His career began in 1985 as one of the first indigenous broadcasters to graduate from the Mikisew television program and travel to Europe on a documentary following the largest contingent of first nations people ever to travel to Europe at the time. His unique style of storytelling comes from his 30 plus years as a storyteller within the media industry. He has also worked on documentaries, web-series and hosted a monthly science show. Don also was a national consumer reporter with “Wright on Your Side”.


Don has chatted with cosmonauts in orbit and once was in headlock by Chewbacca the Wookie. He also runs a media consulting business to help people get their message out. and is a videographer in VR video. Some of his work includes the “Canada We Want Youth Conference”, a national conference to address youth concerns in Canada.

DON WRIGHT / videographer

SEAN RENAUD / videographer & editor

Sean Renaud is a video editor, videographer and level 30 nerd based in Toronto, Canada, who, with nearly 10 years of experience, excels in short-form storytelling.

As of late, he was the Senior Editor of niche-agency "Brock & Belle" creating award-winning content for Kraft, Maple Leaf and Schneiders. 

He takes on every project with great enthusiasm and creativity while keeping a keen eye for the technical and is always eager for opportunities that challenge his skillset.

Sean makes a great first impression, and the passion he exudes with his work extends to his favourite hobby — video games, and he's an avid gamer at that! Fun fact: he practically runs on coffee. Practically, not literally. That would be pretty funny to see though. 

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